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3 Ways for Blacklisted People to Finance a Vehicle

If you have a shaky credit history and are in the market to buy a car, rest assured – there are ways for blacklisted people to finance a vehicle. However, being in this situation makes you vulnerable to unscrupulous loan sharks, so make sure you understand the various options available to … [Read More...]

Internet Car’s and Vehicle’s Auctioned

Buying a vehicle online is convenient because you don’t have to visit a dealer and you can browse so many different websites to find the car you need, be it a second hand one or a brand new one. Also Gumtree often have car's for sale and Gumtree's vehicle's section offers a wide selection … [Read More...]

5 Lies Car Dealers Like to Tell

Needless to say, car shopping is a tiresome venture. Not only do you have to contend with the wide array of vehicles in the market, but you have to be prepared to engage with crafty salesmen whose ultimate objective is to get a hold of your money. From the minute you step into a car … [Read More...]

Estimate Your Car’s Re-Sale Value

Estimating a car's true value is not any easy thing to do since appraising vehicles is a very complex process. People who are not knowledgeable or experienced with evaluating automobiles will not be able to accurately tell how much a vehicle is really worth. Most people will end up … [Read More...]

Tips to Get Rid of a Bad Smell in your Car

From time to time we get certain smells in our vehicles that just don't seem to go away. From cigarette smoke or food (think fish), through to damp, mould, chemicals, child vomit or even pet odours such as cat and dog urine. Some of these can be unbearable and last for such a long time … [Read More...]

How to Get a Personalised Number Plate in South Africa

Having personalized number plates made for your car is a way of showing your individuality, rather than being subjected to the generic alphanumeric characters on the numberplates of most South African vehicles. Whether it induces groans or giggles, a personalized number plate is a … [Read More...]