SMD Car Auction

The well-known SMD car auction company has been around for a long time and have established their name when it comes finding the affordable alternative when purchasing a vehicle. The vehicles you find at SMD are sold with the help of insurance companies, and also private sellers. Models are sold back to people at prices they can afford. You will be able to find automobiles for sale with an average price of R30,000. These prices will be able to fit your pocket very easily. When looking at the used cars sold at SMD, depending on the state of the vehicles, you can expect prices ranging from R5,000 to R200,000 plus.

If you are looking for specific Toyota or Nissan bakkie, you should definitely attend the SMD car auction to see what used cars are for sale. This is one of the preffered repo car auctions in South Africa. SMD does assist when it comes to preparing a vehicle, but they have made it easy to buy a car. If auctions are not for you, SMD has introduced a sales method that should be satisfying. They only accept cash when it comes to all salvage automobiles for sale. However, SMD has payment methods when purchasing a used car. All you need to do is speak to one of their sales people.

If you cannot make it to these events, SMD has made viewing those bakkies, that Toyota or Nissan very simple by visiting their showrooms online and seen what vehicles they have in stock. Visit their website and scroll to the bottom for more details. Don’t go anywhere else when it comes to finding the best repo car auction in South Africa, because SMD car auction have the perfect payments plans that wont dent your pocket, and some of the more popular model vehicles for you.