VW Mastercars

VW Mastercars for those looking to buy a good used automobile are some of the safest used vehicles on the market. Every Volkswagen pre-owned car has been vigorously checked to ensure that when you choose your golf or polo, it is in good condition and is safe to drive. With so many cars for sale at the moment, it is a great time to be buying a vehicle, and it is worth making sure that the one you choose is almost as good as new. Part of this includes making sure that the second hand car that you buy has been tested, and is safe to drive. A nice way to do this is to look for cars that have been loved by their previous owners.

It is a widely known fact that VW Mastercars are cars that have been pre-owned, as well as loved and cared for by the previous owners. This is not all that makes them the safest cars for sale. They have undergone a number of tests, and provide the new owner with guarantees that will help them to feel safe in their purchase. They come with a standard 2yr warranty, and certified mileage.  Whether you’re interested in a golf or a polo, there will be a master car for you. Each of them has undergone an 80-point mechanical check, so should be safe and sound. Volkswagen dealers know that you want a car that you can trust, so they make sure that all of their used vehicles have a full service history and 24 hour roadside assistance in case anything happens. The mastercar lists has all the details about each used vehicle on sale, as well as what additional features the Volkswagen’s have (like radio or air-conditioning).

Even though you’re unlikely to feel buyers’ remorse with one of these gems all VW Mastercars come with a 7-day exchange plan – but it’s not like you’ll need it!

The Volkswagen Golf – Is it Still Popular?

The Volkswagen Golf – Is it still popular? The answer to this question is definitely yes. This is one make of car that has a large and loyal consumer following and this following continues to grow in number as Volkswagen continue to produce quality vehicles. The Golf in particular has a number of models which means that more and more people every year get to experience what these Golf’s have to offer whether they be a Citi Golf or a Golf 6. Citi Golf’s are an extremely popular car amongst students and therefore many Golf enthusiasts are born when they get their hands on their first car.

If you’re a VW Golf GTI fan, check out the following cool video of a sleak model custom made in Europe complete with a Bentley Continental W12 6.0 litre twin-turbo engine.

Video for Golf GTI Fans:

The VW brand is steeped in history. Many of these people will swear that they will not drive any other car other than a Golf and wait with baited breath for newer versions of their favourite cars. The Golf’s popularity is based on the fantastic experience that these cars offer their drivers. The engineering of these vehicles is said to be some of the best in the world and Volkswagen engineering can be thanked for not only Golf’s, but the amazing Bugatti Veyron too.

Apart from engineering genius, Volkswagen are one of the few car manufacturers who have factories in South Africa. This means that Volkswagen parts are easily available and are not as expensive as the parts of other car brands due to the fact that they do not have to be imported. So if you are a parent who is looking for their child’s first car or if you are looking for a great quality car for yourself then why not look at the Volkswagen Golf, new or used.