WesBank Auctions for Repossessed Cars

WesBank auctions selling repossessed cars in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Gauteng, Bloemfontein and other parts of South Africa offer in excess of one hundred vehicles for sale every week. Potential buyers may view models as early as one day before an auction at the allocated warehouses and viewing lots and finance can be arranged for those that need it prior to the event. No cash is accepted at these events and a refundable bank guaranteed cheque is a necessary payment for anyone interested in participating in the bidding. Lists of vehicles being sold on the day should be taken as a guide only as the final catalogue at an auction event is subject to change.

Those never attended WesBank auctions before or ever bought a repossessed car for sale will find the process fun and there is an online guide that can be downloaded and printed out to help those who are unsure of the process. There are however motor auction personnel that are trained and experienced enough to help anyone who needs it when viewing makes or models or on the actual day of an event. A great tip for those who perhaps feel a little intimidated about bidding and not yet confident enough to take part in the process is to attend one or two events first as an observer to see how it all works.

Unlike at car dealers in South Africa, buyers are not permitted to test drive vehicles before an event. We would advise that you take someone along with you to help you inspect and evaluate things prior to an auction to help you in your decision making before bidding. If you do your homework, it is possible to come away with a real bargain and end up buying yourself a really cheap and reliable pre-owned vehicle, so it is well worth putting in some initial research on prices at second hand motor dealers in your area. Keep in mind that all vehicles sold are subject to VAT that gets added to an agreed bid after the hammer falls at any one of the WesBank auctions in South Africa selling repossessed cars.