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Buy and Sell Cars in South Africa – Online or Offline

Can you buy and sell cars in South Africa to make a profit? Where do you buy the vehicles and do you sell them online or offline? If you want to start your own business full time. Or take on a sideline that will help you bring in some extra money. Then consider following these tips for … [Read More...]

Cars For Sale at 2021 Vehicle Auctions in South Africa

With a wide range of reliable cars for sale at auctions in 2021 it is no wonder that more people in South Africa are buying a vehicle on auction. When buying used or new cars people typically approach dealerships. Without considering the bargains that can be found at a bank … [Read More...]

Toyota Repossessed Cars

Get Toyota repossessed cars at auctions with wholesale prices on a variety of models. If you want a new vehicle for work or for personal use then buying a repo car is an excellent way to save on cost. Toyota is one of the oldest and most trustworthy brand of vehicle in South Africa. … [Read More...]

Google Driverless Car, our Future Transport?

Automated cars have been developed by search engine giant Google and are continuosly being tested and developed with the vision on making the world's roads a safer place for motorists. Apart from preventing traffic accidents or giving more mobility to disabled drivers, these self driving … [Read More...]

What is Funny Car Racing?

The concept is definitely a strange one and the answer is not, contrary to popular belief, a clown car convention. Funny car racing is a drag racing class that is popular in the U.S. These cars are propped up on forward mounted engines and carbon fibre bodies that are balanced over the … [Read More...]

Trade in Value of Vehicles

The trade in value of vehicles for people who are thinking of selling a car or simply need to know what theirs is worth is sometimes difficult to determine, especially with some models. Japanese motorcars when imported to South Africa cost more than our cars here, so even for a second … [Read More...]

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