Car Auctions in Gauteng

Car auctions in Gauteng to buy bank repossessed vehicles around the Johannesburg and Pretoria areas are offered by Burchmores, Aucor and City Wheels auction house in South Africa. Vehicle makes and models recovered by ABSA, Standard Bank, FNB and Nedbank are sold to the public who have the opportunity to bid against each other at the events in order to get the most favourable prices. It is helpful however, before attending an auction, to make sure you know how things work and what sort of prices you can expect to pay at an event.

For those who have never attended car auctions in Gauteng and are having trouble finding out how everything works exactly we recommend starting at one of the Burchmore’s auction events in Johannesburg. The Burchmore company usually have friendly staff on hand to assist in teaching people the process of bidding, what deposit is required beforehand and how it needs to be paid. The staff will be able to give you the necessary tips and advice that will assist in you having a much better opportunity to buy a pre-owned vehicle at a price that suits your pocket.

Some advice for buying second hand vehicles that we can give you especially at bank repo liquidation events is take a mechanic with you if you are not really an expert on mechanics. Keep in mind that these models have been repossessed by ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank or Nedbank due to the fact that the previous driver could not afford the monthly repayments. This often indicates that regular maintenance and services have been neglected so things need to be checked thoroughly. Also know that you can start and listen to the engine but you are not permitted to test drive any vehicles being sold at the car auctions in Johannesburg, Pretoria or the general Gauteng area.